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In the lead up to Summer, we’re all driven to get those Summer bodies and for anyone wondering, I am still looking for mine… With this said, if we’re wanting to look our best during the upcoming season, should we not look at the whole picture? We have other parts of the body that we need to remember and one of them is our hair. And having seen the Royal Wedding am envious of everyone’s immaculate styles – I’m looking at you David Beckham.

The wonderful team over at THERAPI kindly sent me over some of their products to get the ball rolling and my hair looking healthier than ever! For those of you who aren’t familiar with THERAPI, the brand is a luxury, British haircare brand that was founded out of the desire to create luxurious, salon-quality haircare whilst keeping an affordable price point.

Step 1: Cleanse

Starting this three part process off with the first product: the Signature Cleanser. Enriched with Baobab Oil, this shampoo is designed to work for all hair types. The Signature Cleanser has been formulated with moisturising and anti-aging properties and cleans hair, gently, without stripping away the natural oils. Free of Parabens and Sulphates, with Keratin Amino Acids to strengthen the hair and because of the Sunflower Seed Colour Lock Technology prevents the fast fading of hair dyes. If you find your hair looking shinier than usual too, thank the Panthenol Vitamin B5.

In my experience of using this product, I can attest to what the bottle says. My hair felt and smelt (poet and I didn’t know it) clean, fresh and great. It had a healthy shine and didn’t feel coated in residue, like some other haircare products cause. The amber/honey colour was also a pleasant surprise. It was if I was using a mythic elixir.

Step 2: Condition

Step two in the process: Condition. I enjoy having the hair that I do. It’s healthy, soft and straight thus making it for the most part, easy to style. What makes it tricky is that it is too soft to hold a messy, bed-hair look, thus just falling flat on my head. It also grows forwards, so wearing it coiffed and up is a labour of love. This will hopefully explain to you guys why I opted for THERAPI’s Volumising Conditioner. Much like the Signature Cleanser, this product shares many wonderful qualities including the Baobab Oil, Paraben and Sulphate free formula and Sunflower Seed Colour Lock Technology. Additional factors that contribute to making this conditioner a haircare staple include a balanced pH for increased care and Wheat Protein PVP Volumising Technology.

I was again taken with the distinct colour of the conditioner – an orange tinged, yellow. The product also lathered up better than I have found other conditioners to do so in the past. Following up the Signature Cleanser with the Volumising Conditioner had my hair feeling fresher and softer than ever. It held styling products better and appeared to instantly have more volume.

Step 3: Style

Last, but certainly not least: Step 3 – the Matt Styler. Designed to provided a medium, matt hold without the heavy build up. With ease of control, the Matt Styler is described as “perfect for creating texture and matt definition in hair”. Paraben free and like with both the Signature Cleanser and Volumising Conditioner, the Matt Styler is enriched with Baobab Oil. The styler also provides protection against UV and contains Texturising Beeswax and Microcrystalline waxes that create the medium, matt hold.

I personally found the Matt Styler to do exactly what it says on the bottle. The formula works with you to create the desired style – in my case my normal style just with more body and a slightly, bed-hair-esque look. It’s worth noting that while I will definitely purchase the Matt Styler, I would recommend using heavier duty products when the weather to be strong winds.

My experience with THERAPI’s products has been an entirely positive one. One, in fact, that I very much intend to continue. The products are very high-quality, presented and packaged nicely and with each product having a price tag of £9.99, is incredibly affordable for luxury haircare. I want to thank the THERAPI team, once again and wish you all a great week ahead.

Just before I go, the absolute darlings over at THERAPI have created a offer for you guys that allows you to receive a free THERAPI candle when buying any two products from the brand’s website. When at the checkout, enter the following code into the ‘Order Comments’ and not the code section: AJC93OSJ. I look forward to hearing what you think!

THERAPI’s Signature Cleanser*, Volumising Conditioner* and Matt Styler* are available at THERPI.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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