The Calm Before The Storm

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Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

It’s been a while where I have been able to sit and just enjoy a minute of doing nothing but breathe and be present. I still get such a strange and surreal feeling every time I think about submitting my final major project. The days that followed led me to have a moment of panic: “What is my purpose now that I no longer have work to do for uni?”. These few days were exactly what I needed. A few days to breathe, take some time for me that didn’t centre around deadlines and relinquish all responsibility. Don’t get me wrong though, this didn’t mean that I wasn’t busy. I am pleased to say that I have been creating, creating and creating content to share with you all! That and going to the gym everyday.

Even when busy with the above and everyday life, I have been able to do things at leisure, with little pressure and allow me to recalibrate, ready to face the next month and the ones that follow. The next month is going to be packed with finding out my grade for my final major project, finding out my overall grade for my time at university, working, Graduate Fashion Week and shooting graduate collections and moving back home to name a few. Please don’t get me wrong though, I’m incredibly excited for it all!

With all the change coming my way this Summer, I’ve decided to really relish in any down time I get. I make a point of my daily shower and skincare session a moment to feel clean, refreshed and pampered. I then settle down in bed or with my flatmates and load Netflix or Hayu, all of course with a tea. And now thanks to the wonderful team at Homebody, I can do so in ultimate comfort. The brand kindly sent over one of their t-shirts and I have to say that it could not have come at a better time.

For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, Homebody was created in 1999 when the founder, Beverley Calvert, was looking for pyjamas for her partner. Beverley decided to start studying fashion at night school and began creating her own collection of men’s luxury pyjamas. Now in 2018, the brand offers luxurious loungewear and pyjamas for men, women and children – to an international customer base – and is stocked in Harrods.

I am now the proud owner of the Two Tone Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Pacific Blue and Light Grey and can hand on my heart say that I would recommend Homebody’s products to EVERYONE. I had recently come across the brand whilst on the Harrods website before they reached out to me, but I cannot sing Homebody’s praises enough now that I have worn the t-shirt. It is so incredibly soft and smooth which I presume is down to the Modal Sens™ fabric that Homebody use. The Modal Sens fabric – just as a heads up – is a fibre in the garment, derived from Beech trees, with a soft and cool touch that adapts to body heat and drapes well. I am also particularly fond of how calm the colours on the t-shirt are. The last thing you want to be when relaxing is wired and stimulated.

Thank you to Homebody for creating products that allow the body to breath, that allow movement and that feel as soft as I imagine clouds do!

Homebody is available both on their site and over at Harrods.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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