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Unless the box you are talking about is BOX Menswear, then please do not live your life inside of the box! It’s something that represses and breeds mediocrity. Anyway, we’re here to talk about underwear not society’s norms. Let’s save that for another day.

For anyone who hasn’t, meet BOX Menswear. The brand all over Instagram feeds and the bodies of the platform’s personalities. Founded by celebrity agent, Luke Mills, BOX Menswear is a fast-growing brand based in Northern England. Offering high quality, the brand believes in equal measures of comfort and quality.

The brand kindly reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying some of their underwear and having been interested in the brand since I first saw it crop up on my Instagram timeline, promptly accepted. Apologies for the nasty mental-visual, but no sooner did the underwear arrive, I had stripped off to try the pieces out. Not only did they fit perfectly, the briefs are über comfortable, allow movement and don’t strangle your body. The last part you can put down to the soft stretch fabric that BOX Menswear’s products are constructed from.

Whilst I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have various coloured pairs of underwear, I generally try to stick with either white, black or grey and so it was a massive tick from me when I saw that the mentioned colours were the ones that BOX Menswear’s offerings are available in. The brand is still relatively new but I believe it to be rolling out more colour options – perfect for those with a bolder taste in underwear. Despite the brand’s age, BOX Menswear has quickly become a staple in many men’s underwear drawer and is one to wear with pride, knowing the great quality and equally as pleasing design. Fear not though, the product range doesn’t stop at briefs, you can also scoop yourself up some boxers. The price point is also a very fair costing £14.00 for one pair of boxers or briefs and a three pack costing £29.00.

BOX Menswear is available at BOX Menswear and Bang + Strike.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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