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Introducing The New Seven-Blade Dorco Classic Razor*
Wow, so I thought I had consistent posting sorted until mid-July, but then my new jobs got in the way of that… Well, the job and technical issues here on the blog meaning I couldn’t even access the site. Fun times…

Rant over *does yoga inhalation*

The wonderful team over at Dorco reached out to me and very kindly offered me the chance to review their razor: the ‘Classic’. I had heard very good things and so jumped at the chance of elevating my shave. If you’re unfamiliar with Dorco, the company actually has a sixty year history, although the name Dorco was registered in 1961 and taken on as the brand name in 1977.

The product we’re here to talk about today is Dorco’s Classic Razor. A world first, with seven blades perfectly aligned in the razor. Don’t be alarmed however if you invest and find yourself noticing that the blades look on the thin side, they work incredibly and remember, Dorco fit seven of them in the Classic. Along the top, you’ll notice a lubricated strip, made with antioxidants from Argan Oil and Calendula extract. Along the bottom, you’ll also notice a honeycomb patterned, rubber grill to assistant with reaching every part of the face and neck.

In my time using the Dorco Classic, I have had nothing but a very pleasant experience. The seven blade engineering aided in a closer shave and I noticed that the lubrication strip worked a lot more than I had thought it would and that’s because my face didn’t sting anywhere near as much when applying post-shave products. I did cut myself but that was because I have stubborn facial hair that at times can take multiple attempts. From a design point of view, this razor is beautiful. It’s lightweight but still weighty enough to prove how sturdy and high quality it is. The silver against the black is simple, yet so darn effective. Slick, sophisticated and with a vintage twist from the ergonomic handle, create the perfect razor for the modern man. What surprised me the most about the razor? The price. I was expecting a high price point was did a double take when I found out that sir can gets his hands on one for an incredible £8.74!

Dorco ‘Classic’ Razor is available at Dorco Razors.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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