Filled with Pride

And just like that we wave goodbye to Pride Month for another year. It’s sad that it is gone now for a while, but 1. Time flies so fast, it’ll be here again in no time, and 2. Prides are happening all across the United Kingdom so it doesn’t feel like the end of the Pride calendar for 2018.

In just six days, it will be London’s Pride Parade, followed by many others, including Brighton. It’s an incredibly exciting time and as I get older I cherish these celebrations all the more. They have always meant a lot to me, but with every year I see attendees whom are younger and younger and in all honesty that brings me so much joy. It brings me joy not because of how much more open people can be and how much younger people are starting to come out and live as their authentic selves. I’m not saying that I’m some old biddy in the corner, but merely just noticing how different times are even in all of the years I’ve been actively involved in the LGBT+ community.

Another observation I have noticed is the discussion around whether Pride is relevant and needed anymore and why heterosexual people do not have ‘Straight Pride’. With my open-minded mindset I see why these discussions take place, despite not necessarily agreeing with the statements, but I think for those who do not live in the shoes of a part of any minority community, it is hard – even for the most understanding person – to really get it. For example, I have friends who have been treated different because of their race, skin colour, etc, and while I may think I understand having also been treated differently because of a part of myself, I will never completely understand because I have not walked in their shoes. I may have worn them drunk and paraded around… but being caucasian has afforded me a somewhat easier path in life.

I believe that Pride is still very relevant in today’s world and to those who say they should have ‘Straight Pride’ needs to realise that they can attend Pride and still be celebrated. The love and positivity in the atmosphere at a Pride event is something you really need to experience to wrap your head around. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male, female, trans, gay, bi, lesbian, queer, black, white, brown, green, blue or pink. Everyone is welcome at Pride. The reasons it will always be relevant is to celebrate how far our community has come in terms of rights and acceptance, to remember and celebrate those who came before us, and helped pave the way to the lives we can now lead, and also to show our love and support for those who are unable to live freely because of varying factors.

Love is love, we are who we are and we all deserve the same rights. 🌈

Photography and Make-up by Jack Bradley

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