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Underwear. The first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Often an overlooked part of a wardrobe. Investing in your underwear drawer is something that I wholeheartedly recommend but also because the comforted areas will thank you for doing so… It’s with this in mind that I wanted to introduce to you, luxury underwear brand, Hamilton & Hare.

Founded in 2012, Hamilton & Hare has grown rapidly into a reputable and luxurious underwear and loungewear brand. Their first project was to redesign the traditional boxer short with the aim of improving the fit and wearability with slim trousers. Hamilton & Hare doesn’t compromise on the fit or composition of their products and not only consider the level of comfort and quality but also how their garments look on and how their customers feel in their range.

From the moment the package – pardon the pun – was handed over to me, to the unboxing and wearing of the underwear, Hamilton & Hare did not disappoint. The packaging, the underwear, everything felt premium. Admittedly, I was surprised when I first felt the underwear out of the box. It felt thicker and knitted as opposed to the general cotton feel you find on most other underwear. Initially I wondered whether this would cause me to be constantly aware of them on my body, however when I wore the Tubular Slip I barely even noticed they were there.¬†Another feature of the Tubular Slip that I was particularly fond of was the seamless composition thanks to the knitting technology. In fact, I couldn’t actually find any fault in the underwear and very much look forward to wearing the underwear again. Thank you so much to the Hamilton & Hare for sending me the Tubular Slip, I didn’t realise how much of a perfect addition it would be to my underwear drawer!

The Tubular Slip* by Hamilton & Hare is available at Hamilton & Hare, Mr Porter and MatchesFashion.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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