Changing for The Right Reason

This September I changed. And no I do not mean about moving back to Southampton or becoming a student again. They are for another post. What I’m talking about is hair colour. I attempted to dye my hair blue with the help of Crazy Color to support and to bring attention to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is such a terrible, terrible illness and one that I have unfortunately lost members of my family to, thus my knee jerk reaction to join the cause. Prostate cancer in particular is currently claiming the life of one man every 45 minutes here in the UK.

To throw your support behind the cause you simply had to dye your hair blue using either Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent Colour Creams – for those happy to represent for a few weeks – or their Pastel Spray in Bubblegum Blue – for those looking to support without the longer lasting colour. I was contacted about this campaign by the lovely Crazy Color team and very kindly sent the Pastel Spray in Bubblegum Blue, the Semi Permanent Colour Creams in Sky Blue and Blue Jade and the Blue Shampoo.

I first decided to try the Pastel Spray as I was due to have a few interviews upon returning to Southampton. Upon application I noticed that the spray was for blonde and lighter coloured hair so decided to add more product in the hope of some change. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and having finished my interview took the plunge and applied the Semi Permanent Colour Creams. Once you wash your hair, towel dry your hair and apply the creams – you MUST wear gloves –  and wait between 15-30 minutes. Admittedly I did wait longer as I wanted to give the creams a chance against the my hair’s natural colour, which as you’ll have seen from previous posts is a hair dye’s worst nightmare. Again, unfortunately the colour did not take to my hair, however I have seen that Crazy Color do have a bleaching kit so I will be taking myself into town to pick one up, me thinks. I would also just like to mention that my scalp was not sore or itchy with the product being left on there for longer – that will differ person to person, but is something I thought worth noting. With that said, I don’t want to end this post on a negative note. I would like to thank the Crazy Color team so much for reaching out and sending over the products, I’m very grateful and am very happy to be raising awareness for this important cause. And to anyone reading this, there’s still time this month if you’d like to get involved!

Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent Colour Creams*, Blue Shampoo* and Pastel Spray* are available at Crazy Color.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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