Sipping on 6th

It’s official. I have returned to Southampton and am studying a Master’s Degree – I know who’d have thought? It’s been a nerve wracking build up but I’m excited to be back and ready for the year ahead.

My education aside, I thought I’d give my return to Southampton a little nod here on Oh So Jack by writing about a bar down here that has stolen my heart. Lovely people, meet HarBAR on 6th. Southampton Harbour Hotel’s very own rooftop bar, kitchen and club, situated along Southampton’s Ocean Village marina. Open all throughout the day, you can brunch, lunch and dine here with a vibe that adjusts with the time of the day.

There is a smart casual dress code and a great big recommendation from me to pick the Margarita or the Cowes Regatta. I have never had a better margarita, honestly! *salivates* There is a sleek and contemporary feel to the decor with classics such as the marble bar. I also really have to big up the lavatories – they are an Instagrammable dream come true. Although, in the men’s toilets I’d be cautious going for a mirror selfie when every Tom, Dick and Harry behind you are at the urinals…

I’ll keep this post short and sweet to avoid further gushing over the decor and delectable food and drinks. If you’re looking for luxury tucked away in Southampton, then HarBAR on 6th is that place and if you’re there, why not try out the hotel and spa facilities? Go on, treat yourself!

For more on HarBAR on 6th head over to their website, here.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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