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Fragrances are powerful. They have the ability to take us back to a particular location, moment in time or even feeling in oneself. It’s human instinct to associate scents to different things, hence why you think of a particular person when you smell certain fragrances, or how a particular washing detergent can remind us of home. Today, that’s what we’re looking at: fragrances that take us somewhere. That and how they can unite to create unique and lifelong memories.

Thomas Clipper is a London based brand, founded in 2014. The brand aims to “bring joy to men’s lives through beautifully made collections of products which have meaning”. The types of products that you can get from Thomas Clipper include safety razors, organic shaving oils, hand-turned shaving brushes, bowls and soaps which then led to the brand producing their own line of leather wash bags, leather travel bags and in more recent times, fragrances. The team behind the Thomas Clipper brand have been building collections that blend the much loved minimalist British design with the best craftsmanship found globally.

The fragrances are vegan-friendly and made with organic alcohol, while their leather products are made using the finest European hides and tanned using the dyes of vegetables on the banks of Italy’s River Arno. Hand filled and bottled near Lincolnshire, the Thomas Clipper UNITE fragrances are actually formulated in Grasse, France.

A fun fact: As of this year, 5% of all profits made by Thomas Clipper are donated to the Doctors without Borders charity, as chosen by the brand’s customers.


The first of the triad of fragrances being explored today is City. The inspiration behind this cologne is a London barbershop. Tonka bean and cedarwood are at the base of the fragrance that also contains a blend of aromatic notes. It’s worth mentioning now that all of the fragrances have been designed to work independently but also worn with each other.

With only one spritz you are met with a masculine, sophisticated scent. City is a warm fragrance that gives off an allure akin to that of London itself. It’s mysterious, it’s intriguing and it leaves you wanting more. To unleash even more masculine depth of City, the brand advises to spray Country or to add to the top notes, spray Coast.

Thomas Clipper ‘City’ can be found here.


Part two of the power trio is Coast. The inspiration for this fragrance is primarily the French Riviera, Côte d’Azur and the trees that you will find growing there. There are Citrus notes and cypress leaf that give way to rich iris and guaiac wood.

Coast is the fresh and clean part of the triad. This isn’t to say the others have a clean smell, it’s just that the citrus notes give that extra element to this scent. While the whole collection lends itself to both the daytime and evening, I would keep to using Coast during the day. It transports you to looking out over yachts, breathing in the sea air and feeling the sunlight dancing across your skin. To ground Coast, the brand advises you add a spray of City or to intensify, counteract Coast’s freshness with Country.

Thomas Clipper ‘Coast’ can be found here.


The last, but definitely not least, of the UNITE collection is Country. The inspiration behind this cologne was the dark fields and dark woodlands in the heart of England, the countryside and the products made in the country side, i.e. hand-turned, British timber and Tuscan leathers.

The most masculine of the UNITE collection, Country has a deep and intense scent. The combination of ginger and black pepper provide a fresh lift whilst vetiver and saffron give a hint of smoke. This is contrasted by sandalwood and oud. Country takes me to walking the dog back home, walking near the forest years ago or even to the New Forest, watching the animals. The Sun is in the sky, there’s a cool wind yet it’s still mild enough to be sans hats, scarves and gloves. The leaves are beginning to turn and start to collect on the ground in maple, red, orange and golden clusters. To give Country more sensuality, add a spritz of City or spray Coast for a brighter, lighter blend.

Thomas Clipper ‘Country’ can be found here.

Thank you for coming with me on my scented adventures and may you be transported to a place or a specific memory through the power of fragrance.

The Unite Collection by Thomas Clipper* is available at Thomas Clipper, Fortnum & Mason, The Rake, Burrows & Hare and Number Six.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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