The Loot Life

Money. Quite possibly the one thing that this world revolves around. It’s something I like to think I’d mindful of and especially as a student it’s something to be careful with. Many students right now, particularly those going into their first year, haven’t ever had to fend for themselves as they have lived at home up until the time came for them to move to the destination of their studies. It’s these thoughts that made the Loot team approaching me, to share my thoughts on the company’s products and services, a case of perfect timing. There’s many apps that keep track of spending but what about having a separate account that is driven by an app. There is no need to go into a branch to open the account, pay money in or anything like that. Perfect for a student account right? Or even for those who are no longer in education, wouldn’t it be great to have a separate account either for day to day life or even as a way of saving for that holiday you wanted to take? Well, then meet Loot.

Your new digital friend with an equally as aesthetically pleasing physical counterpart, Loot makes spending and saving that bit easier. Unlike many bank accounts and services, Loot notifies you immediately after you make a purchase and that is just scratching the surface. The app’s features also allow for you to set budgets as well as Loot Goals – a set amount in which to save.

In the time since I started using Loot, I have genuinely found it to be really helpful when it comes to monitoring how much is spent on food, toiletries, university supplies, etc. The budgets and goals features allow for me to check on how I’m doing and I have to say that it’s been a lifesaver. It’s meant that I can be tight on the pursestrings and make sure that I am setting aside even a few pounds here and there for future trips, a new backpack or even some jewellery – Serge DeNimes, I’m looking at you…

Photography by Jack Bradley

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Loot. This does not in any way impact my thoughts and feelings on the products and services offered by the company.*

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