Exploring Your Prerogative

Exploration. The process in which a discovery is made or a conclusion drawn. This, you lovely lot, is exactly what Britney Spears and her team had in mind when creating her 24th fragrance: Prerogative. A first for Britney as this fragrance is designed to be a genderless, scent for all. The whole concept of Prerogative is to break the rules and head into an inclusive world that allows you to be who you are. You may think I am featuring Prerogative purely on the basis that I am a massive Britney fan. And while, yes, that’s a plausible reason, I was more intrigued by whether the fragrance really did appeal to both men and women.

Prerogative is everything I expect from a Britney Spears fragrance, yet has a little something extra to it. Sure, it’s sugary and it’s sweet but there is a darker tone to this fragrance in comparison to its predecessors. There is an alluring warmth to Prerogative that I usually tend to notice in male fragrances – perhaps this comes back to it being genderless, I’m not sure.

An explosive opening is thanks to the pink pepper, sweetened by goji berries and apricot nectar. The fragrance then allows for the latex pearls and red calla lily heart to come through and provide the aforementioned allure. The base of Prerogative is a sensual concoction of espresso foam, santal, saffron and amber. It’s this selection that allows Prerogative to still give us the Britney Spears fragrances that we know and love, yet also give us this edgier, sexier scent that I sit here dowsed in now.

In my own experience, I have found Prerogative to be a great fragrance that has worked as much in the day as it has in the evening. There were many compliments about the “sweet, but sexy too” scent that Prerogative possesses. Some male friends of mine did in fact enjoy the scent and said that while they would prefer to smell their girlfriends in the scent, said that they wouldn’t mind wearing it themselves. It’s safe to say that I most definitely here for Prerogative and that I will be advising it to all.

Prerogative by Britney Spears is available exclusively at Boots in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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