The Real Gift of Christmas

Coat – boohooMAN* | Hoodie – H&M | Ring – Serge DeNimes

I come to you this evening after what has been yet another wonderful Christmas Eve. Admittedly this year’s festive season has been an odd one for me. The reason for that being that I have been so busy pin-balling between meetings, classes, work and photo-shoots, that I barely got to be in the moment for the lead up to Christmas – something that in years prior I most certainly am. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to be, I’ve just spent the last few months in a weird place that has involved so. Much. Rushing.

In the rare moments that I did get to be present, it was unadulterated bliss to be perfectly honest. Finishing up coursework at university and heading into town, the Winter darkness drawing over Southampton like a inky blanket – at 3.30PM mind you… The festive atmosphere of the German market causing your lips to curl into a smile – you know, one of those smiles that has no stopping – the smell of honey roasted cashews, churros and warm spices fill the air and tantalise your senses. The hubbub of people chatting around you and the Christmas music echoing up and down the high street.

After what has been a tough term, the above moment was like coming up for air. I had been so looking forward to taking this in but had been so wrapped up in running from one thing to the next that I’d almost missed it. What the heck?! Not cool! As if by some instinct, however, I disconnected from my schedule, my to do list and everything else going on. I was in the moment and nothing was interrupting that.

During the time I was in town doing Christmas shopping I thought about getting to see my family again, cuddling my dog, the laughs on Christmas Day, being completely useless at the annual Christmas quiz and just the coming together of family to celebrate the year and relish in each other’s company.

These are the gifts of Christmas. With that, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I will be with you all before the end of the year!

Photography by Ellisha-Jade White

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