Wrapping Up 2018

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2018. It’s been a funny one to say the least. This year has hands down been the best year of my life. With that said, there were of course off days and incredibly trying times to say the least.

Going back to the start: January. I entered 2018 with a sigh of relief and a closely followed gasp. I’d sent off my dissertation and was enjoying a drink or ten, ready for the year ahead. For the few months that followed, I became wrapped up in the essays and mass of work that came with creating my final major project. In mid-February, I dropped all work to head off and see Don Broco and it was just what the doctor ordered. More university related stress followed of course, with a much needed break to see the wonderful Paloma Faith with my darling Amber, in March. *Sidenote: For anyone who wants to really go crazy and have an ace time, go see Don Broco. And for anyone wanting to hear an angel sing and spread love and positivity, I wholeheartedly advise seeing Paloma Faith!*

April saw me handing in the last ever piece of work on my undergraduate degree and May saw us meeting examiners and closing the chapter that was university. As the Summer approached I landed a job, and by the middle of Summer I left said job, devised ideas for Oh So Jack, drafted ideas for businesses and relished the sunny weather. I managed to get down to both London and Brighton Pride, felt incredibly old at Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’ tour and ticked off my childhood dream of seeing Britney Spears live, not once, but twice (grateful does not even begin to cover it)! *Reaches for paper bag after merely thinking about the memories* By the end of Summer I decided to go back to university to study an MA – I know, idiot move on my part…

The Autumn months saw the course get into full swing, unsettle any certainty I had about my skill level and how ready I am to be in industry and get the moving to university anxiety, again – this time it being because of the 3/4 year age gap that I would inevitably face when moving into my current flat. I am grateful of one thing since starting the MA to be fair to it: my friends. Many were acquaintances or friends whom I didn’t get to spend much time with, but through the MA have been able to do so and have kept me sane throughout this first term. You guys know who you are and a massive thank you.

2018, I do believe that I will miss you. I will most definitely not be forgetting you, unless I go senile, then possibly, but otherwise, it’s been great. The trying times have made the high points that bit sweeter. Here’s to 2019 and what it brings! *Crosses fingers for a boyfriend*

Photography by Jack Bradley

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