A Singleton’s Guide To Valentine’s Day 2019

Shiseido ‘Ibuki Moisturiser‘ | Harvey Nichols ‘Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore‘ | The Ordinary ‘AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

So it’s been a minute… I will explain everything soon, I promise. For now however, I am going to be one of the many bloggers posting about Valentine’s Day. I’m afraid this isn’t a gift guide, however the above products are definitely top-notch gift material.

I don’t know about you guys but I am yet to spend a Valentine’s Day in a relationship. Now don’t worry, I’m not sad about it and I’m not expecting a pity party. Thank you though if you did just throw one for me. 😉 By being single for so long I’ve learnt that having time to yourself can still be fun.

A candlelit dinner does sound rather wonderful, I won’t lie, but I’d also rather not be surrounded by loved up couples, eating each other’s faces as opposed to the delicious food in front of them. Instead, I am going to head to the gym after work, make myself a home-cooked meal, apply the colour of love to my face – in the form of The Ordinary’s Peeling Solution – before hopping in the shower. Once I’ve peeled and washed – I’m aware that makes me sound like a potato – I’ll make sure I’m moisturised and glowing before cosying up with a throw, bar of chocolate, bottle of Harvey Nichols’ prosecco and a film. Living my best life, I know.

In terms of film, what do you guys go for? I normally go for light-hearted but am feeling Call Me Be Your Name despite the torrent of tears that will follow… What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Having a day to yourself or will you be out with the gang or even our with you partner?

Photography by Jack Bradley

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