I am stressed and would say that I probably have been for a long time. There it is. *breathes*

While it wasn’t hard to write those words down, the thought of writing this post has been. By writing this, I’m admitting that I’ve let life get the better of me. I’m admitting that I’m not quite the strong figure my friends consider me to be. Well, here I am saying it: Life and the world we live in has been getting the better of me. I’m not ashamed and wish I had spoken out sooner on mental health.

Stress is there, in things big and small. A train getting delayed on the way to work. Stress. A last minute curveball in a regimented itinerary? Stress. It’s understandable; we live in a world that is constantly on go and constantly connected. For me personally, I have been stressed solidly since the start of my third year at university. *Sidenote: I have been stressed in my life beforehand, but for this post I’m talking about the most recent time* This was the year we had to not only juggle other units with our dissertations AND final major projects but also be landing ourselves the best possible job out there. I would often think of all of this at once as well as wanting to be consistently producing content for Oh So Jack. The pressure I was then putting on myself to do it all and then maintain a social life sent me into tail spin. I couldn’t sleep, my stress was then triggering anxiety and depression and before I knew it, I’d burnt myself out and been rendered useless.

As of today I can happily say that I am feeling better in myself and have made a point of not allowing what has been causing me stress to do so anymore. I am back to enjoying every day as it comes and I’ll be honest in that there’s still off days. It’s inevitable. I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t have them.

This leads me to the product you saw on your way down to this sentence. I would like you to meet For Chaps’ Stress Relief Supplement*. For Chaps came onto the scene, last year, after wanting to improve the wellness of men. Notorious for ignoring their feelings, men globally are in need of this brand. By ignoring stress and negative emotions, guys can find themselves even more stressed, lacking in a libido or even experience hair loss.

The Stress Relief Supplement is created using high-quality ingredients, including 5-HTP. For anyone who is unaware of what 5-HTP is, it’s a chemical messenger that our bodies convert into serotonin which is a chemical in the body influencing our mood and in turn our wellbeing. If stressed, the body’s serotonin level has likely dropped thus having a knock on effect on our sleep and appetite, for example. As well vitamins and other minerals, For Chaps’ Stress Relief Supplement has also been created using herbal extracts of Ashwaganda and Korean Ginseng. These two ingredients aren’t often in supplements for stress and are proven to help, having been used as a remedy for stress in Asia for centuries.

Everyone has their own struggles and by investing in our wellbeing we can better prepare ourselves for life’s curveballs and trying times.

Photography by Jack Bradley

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