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Did you miss me?

I’m breaking the silence that has been a scarily long period of time having now looked back at when I last posted. There were a mix of reasons as to why I went from weekly posts to radio silent and I will of course address them in this little catch up of ours. First things first though, I do hope you’ve been well.

In between working, university and trying to hit the gym as much as possible I began to drop the ball with getting content out. This was then followed by my choice to work on Oh So Jack as a project on my course, leading to my tutors telling me that I needed to wind down the amount of content I share for the duration of the unit. This was disheartening, naturally, as I love sharing content here in my corner of the internet. Admittedly, I’ve been really struggling throughout this MA and this has not helped with feeling like I had my mojo and being in a place to create content with the happy, sarcasm laced posts that you can normally find here on the blog. I don’t want to bring the mood down, so I will keep things brighter seeing as I’ve been gone so long. In the spirit of honesty, however, if you are wanting to know more about what I’ve been feeling, head on over to my post ‘5tressed’.

The lack of motivation that I had for the course had then transpired across to the blog as it is now technically a part of my university course. This negativity led to begin wondering whether if this break from blogging had meant I’d fallen out of love with it and no longer wanted to resume, whether the content I’m sharing is worth publishing in the first place and so on and so forth. I’m pleased to say that I am feeling much better and have managed to separate the blog from university and feel as if I have my mojo back.

On a lighter note, you can expect some changes to be happening over the Summer, here on Oh So Jack. This includes a new look and maybe even some video-based content… Watch this space… I’m so excited to be sharing these new things with you and I really hope that you enjoy them.

It’s good to be back doing what I love and while I’m gutted I didn’t write about six years of the blog back on its birthday, I can’t wait for this new chapter for Oh So Jack. Who knows, maybe I’ll even write that six years on post… Let’s just wait and see. To the brands who have chosen me out of many to work with them, my friends and family for putting up with me and to you, for being there for everything from outfits to moisturisers and ramblings in-between, thank you. It means the world, truly.

Photography by Alexandria Oxspring

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