Another Summer commences and with that, another Pride month concludes. With that said, however, there are of course still opportunities to get into the Pride spirit. You could see Kylie in Brighton, Ariana in Manchester or if you’re quick, Madonna in New York.

Recently I found myself in a conversation with a certain someone about why they weren’t a fan of Pride. They explained that doing Pride was necessary and what we needed for that time, however now that the LGBT+ community have many of the same rights, is it needed these days or does it just reinforce those who do not believe in equality for the LGBT+ community? Me personally? I believe that Pride will always be necessary. The community is yet to reach global equality and so while we may have rights, we have brothers and sisters out there who do not have the support and opportunity that we do here in the UK. You’ll find me at Pride for this reason as well as to celebrate how far the community have come and to say thank you to those who came before us and fought for the rights you and I have.

If you’ve been a reader here on Oh So Jack for a while, you’ll know that I have written about Pride and celebrated with some looks(?) in the past, but this year wanted to team up with my dear dear friends from my course at university to create more elevated beauty imagery, compared to previous OSJ beauty imagery haha. I put on my Creative Director hat and put together mood-boards and photo-shoot packs to illustrate the sort of feel and looks I wanted. My lovely make-up artist/hair stylist, Julia Lange, instantly got it and it was as if she was inside my head haha. My lovely Ella held the role of photographer and as always, she delivered. She instantly understood what I was after with some shots being brighter and feeling more light-hearted whilst the others were going to be darker in both lighting terms and in feel. I cannot thank them enough for helping me realise the vision and I to you reading, I hope you enjoy this post. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you at Pride! 🙂

Creative Direction – Jack Bradley
Photography – Ella Christenson
Make-Up/Hair – Julia Lange

(Julia created the looks using products by NARS, MAC, Kryolan, Bed Head, NYX and LIT)

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