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Coat – boohooMAN Premium* | Shirt – boohooMAN* | Jeans – boohooMAN* | Shoes – boohooMAN* | Bracelet – Pandora | Ring – Serge DeNimes

It’s nearly time people! Christmas is a mere fortnight away and boy am I excited to head home for the festive season! Life has been manic what with university and my job and so a well deserved break back in the haven of my rural home – or as one of my best friends recently dubbed it: “the middle of nowhere” – is much needed. I am counting down to the moment the train pulls into the station and I step onto the platform and let out that sigh. You know, the corny one people do in movies when they’re happy to be home?

Sighing aside, before cosying down back home begins, it’s time for Christmas dinners, end of year parties and Christmas work events! Luckily for me the wonderful team at boohooMAN reached out to see if I would like to style up a look for these occasions, including the opportunity to try out their latest range; boohooMAN Premium. So thank you once again to the team, I am in total love with the pieces as always!

As you can see, I’ve opted for this beautiful faux fur coat from boohooMAN’s Premium range as I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the site. It’s big, it’s a statement and I imagined it to feel like wrapping yourself in a big, warm hug. And that is precisely what it is like – so perfect for this time of year. It was also such a statement that following the shoot for this post, a photography student took a sly snap before him and his friends saying that they just adore the coat – fingers crossed I didn’t look like a total thumb in the photo though… Everything from the fabrics to the lining, the buttons and the label all look and feel plush and lovely!

When it came to the shirt, I wanted something that was still stylish and chic but with a playful touch to it, hence this beauty. Despite it being a polka dot pattern, it isn’t in your face and when worn with this style of coat, is framed really nicely. As for the jeans, what can I say, I just love denim and no matter what, ninety nine percent of my style posts here on the blog will include a skinny jean. It’s my staple and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. For this look in particular however, I did a turn-up on the cuff to add a younger feel to the look. A turn-up can really elevate a look despite being such a simple tweak, however it is worth noting that when doing a turn-up, take into consideration how long your legs are. Mine are not that long, and add in the fact that they’re thick and that instantly makes it harder to get away with a turn-up. It isn’t impossible, it just may not necessarily elongate the leg for you.

Now with the shoes, I knew I wanted a fresh, white trainer to add to the look as it keeps it from looking too formal and again, retains a youthful feel. They’re so crisp and clean, I’m afraid of getting any dirt on them – you should see how I walk in them because of this… I finished this outfit of course with my staple jewellery as it adds the finishing touches to the look. Serge DeNimes always have me perusing the site for all the incredible jewellery and my Pandora bracelet continually takes me back to New York and the fabulous memories I have of it.

The moral of this story? Check out boohooMAN’s Premium range and get ready for the going out this festive season!

Photography by Ella Christenson

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