5 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up During Self-Isolation

So erm, wow… when I wrote my introductory post to the new decade – ‘2020 Is The Year, What Does It Have In Store, My Dear?’ in case you’re interested – I most certainly did not expect to be sat here, barely three months into this year, writing about how to keep your spirits up during the self-isolation/lockdown/quarantine that we now find ourselves in.

It’s a bizarre situation that feels like a bad film or a dystopian, apocalyptic film. While I have read of numerous acts of kindness and have seen a number of people opening their DM’s to keep people company, I am quite shocked at how quickly last month’s message of “Be Kind” has appeared to now be more along the lines of “f*ck everyone else!”.

As I do not wish to feed into that, I thought I’d put together a few ways that you can help with keeping your spirits and mental health in a good place whilst under lockdown/quarantine/self-isolation. Sidenote: I am aware of the fact the photo is taking outside, I was walking the dog and decided to make the most of the one permitted outing per day.

Get Into A Podcast

Podcasts are a brilliant way to engage with a particular topic or interest of yours. They may also be the gateway to a new interest of yours, for example, art, wellbeing, fitness, etc. I have been an avid fan of them for years and can honestly say that listening to podcasts has given me some of the most uncontrollable moments of laughter. I wrote about ten podcasts that are worth a listen a while ago, so if you’re looking to find a new one to get into or want to dip your toes into podcasts, check it out.

Check In on Friends and Family

We’re very lucky in 2020 to be surrounded by technology and so make sure you’re utilising it to make sure that friends and family are well. Even if you have not contracted COVID-19, social distancing/self-isolation/quarantine is not natural for humans. We are social beings and can be massively impacted by this – particularly mentally. Make sure that you’re keeping spirits high, even if you’re sending a short message to loved ones, letting them know you’re thinking of them.

Take Time For You

Struggling with your home environment doubling up as your office? Make moments that are just for you. Wanting to dive into that boxset for ages? Get on it! Fancy doing some yoga and a face-mask (not recommended simultaneously however) – grab your mat! Looking for new apps for your health and wellbeing? Make sure you try Centr, Headspace – and for those of you wanting daily mantras and motivations – check out Co-Star! Just a heads up, Centr is offering a 6 week free trial if you register before 31st March!

Get Inspired

Have you been wanting to change things up in your life? Start that blog you’ve been wanting to create? Make that business idea of yours happen? Now is the time! Companies such as Disney, IBM and Uber were created during recessions so now more than ever is an opportunity to get that pipe dream up and operational. Been meaning to adopt more of a plant-based diet, you have more time to try out recipes and see if it’s for you. While we’re still working whilst at home, we can really use this time to remind ourselves of what inspires us, what previously inspired us and where we’re wanting to get to in life.

Pick Up A New Hobby

If you’ve watched the Great British Bake Off and are still yet to keep to your promise to take up baking, what are you waiting for? This is a prime opportunity to pick up that hobby that piqued your interest but hasn’t been viable thanks to the rush of modern day life. Be it photography, painting, drawing, knitting or learning an instrument, you’ll not only be seeing if the hobby is for you but also stimulating your mind and staying engaged in a time that could very easily be a time in which we disengage and become more sedentary.

I hope this has been of some benefit. If you feel lonely or are struggling with being shut away from the outside then please don’t hesitate to get in touch either in the comments below, by e-mail or over on social media! I’m here and am happy to be talked at if you need to blow off some steam.

Photography by Millie Bradley, @mjb.media

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