Blogging: What’s Next?

Candle – Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Curiosity Corner’ (reed diffuser here and full range here)

Seven years… Wow. Seven years since I started Oh So Jack – or Just Having A Giraffe as it was back then. It was 2013 and I was desperate to share all my ramblings about fashion without having someone glaze over mid-conversation. Having no idea of where the blog would get to, I signed onto Blogger and voila. Please note, I am not in any way saying that I make money off of blogging, because I do not. Well, not an income at least, a few paid gigs here and there though, yes. It’s funny though as I never created Oh So Jack in an attempt to become a full-time blogger. Come to think of it, back when I started blogging, doing it as a full time job was still a new concept and there were nowhere near as many people doing it as there are now. Many of the bloggers and YouTubers that I read/watch were still doing it alongside a ‘regular’ full time job back then.

Blogging has taught me a lot. It’s helped me hone skills, learn how to navigate things like WordPress, becoming a talking point in job interviews and enabled me to work with a whole host of brands that I adore and even attend events that we otherwise reserved for those in magazines. In that sense I am incredibly grateful to the world of blogging and content creation. There of course is so much more to learn and who knows, a few years down the line, I may be really great at web development?

Last year on my Master’s degree, I decided to dedicate one of the units to look at Oh So Jack and how I can best improve it going forwards. This led to the re-designed site that you are now one, an updated media kit and additional content that has been shared from then all the way through till now. I honestly really enjoyed this project as it had given me time to sit and focus on the blog which, admittedly, had been neglected up until that point. I had all these ideas for content and how to give it a new spark as it fast approached seven. In the blink of an eye, we made it to seven and I’m wondering; what’s next? After the settling in period with 2020, I found myself wondering what to do with the blog. I love, love, love creating content to share with you and don’t want to stop blogging, but having dropped the ball with it again and then rarely having the time to shoot content, I began to wonder if it had run its course.

I have seen the rise, the peaks and the death of many a blog in my time as a blogger and I have to say, it’s sad. The places we once agonised over, making sure that everyone liked the way we designed our sites, the words we’d put together to accompany imagery that we had meticulously planned out seem to be dying out. So how do you keep a blog interesting when everybody is jumping ship for being solely based on YouTube and Instagram – and now of course, TikTok. It’s something I’m trying to work out, but I am pleased to say that Oh So Jack isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future and I am going to revisit my MA unit that I dedicated to the blog and remind myself of what is next for Oh So Jack.

Stay tuned people, we’re priming for the next chapter…

Photography by Jack Bradley

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